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COVID Update

All For Kids continues to implement the following precautionary measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19:

• Limiting people in the waiting room for extended amounts of time All clients upon arrival should:

- When you arrive in the parking lot, call the front desk at 907-345-0050 to check in.
- After you call to check in, walk your child into the building no earlier than 5 minutes before their appointment and wait in our transition zone. Help your child remove their shoes and coat to have them ready for therapy. Once your child transitions to the therapist, return to your car to wait.
- Come back into the building to pick up your child no earlier than 5 minutes before the end of the appointment time. Parents/caregivers must be timely to pick up in order to avoid late pickups, provide adequate time for session debriefing, and to help our therapists be on time to their next client.

• Sanitizing toys and surfaces regularly

• Offering teletherapy services when appropriate for appropriate at-risk clients and families

• Mask wearing is optional for clients, caregivers, and therapists. Please let the front desk or your therapist know if you would like your therapist to mask during treatment.

Policy for Positive COVID-19 Cases

• Clients who are symptomatic are required to isolate from the clinic for 5 days after onset of symptoms (day 0). They may return on day 6 if they are fever free without medication for 24 hours and symptoms are improving.

• Clients who are asymptomatic with a positive test are required to isolate from the clinic for 5 days after the positive test date (day 0). They may return on day 6, unless they develop symptoms. If the client develops symptoms, the day of symptom onset will become the new day 0.

Policy for COVID-19 Exposure

• Both vaccinated and unvaccinated clients exposed to COVID -19 are not required to quarantine from the clinic if asymptomatic. If symptoms develop or the client tests positive, please call the office to cancel for a 5-day period.

Travel Policy

• Unvaccinated and vaccinated clients may return to the clinic immediately after travel if asymptomatic. If symptoms develop, please call the office to cancel for a 5-day period.

Do not send your child to therapy if they are feeling sick. If your child has COVID-like symptoms or a fever, keep them home until he or she is fever-free for 24 hours without medication and symptoms are improving. If your child presents with COVID-like symptoms in therapy, staff are required to send your child home.




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