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Our therapists hold a variety of certifications, depending on their areas of interest and specialty. Some of these certifications include sensory integration (including certifications in Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests), Therapeutic Listening, PROMPT, The Alert Program (How Does Your Engine Run?), Beckman Oral Motor Training, DIR®/Floortime™, It Takes Two to Talk®, Myofascial Release, and Cranio-Sacral Therapy. Our therapists are constantly adding new techniques and certifications to better address your child's needs.

Stone Soup Group

Stone Soup Group hosts a variety of educational seminars for parents such as, "Introduction to the Principles of Self-Regulation in Children Who Experience Autism." Childcare is often provided with advance notice. Some seminars require payment but many are free. You must pre-register by calling 561-3701 or online at,

Sensory Friendly Movies

Speak For Change, in conjunction with Hope Community Resources & Century 16 Theaters, are pleased to announce "Sensory Friendly" movies.
Click here for more information.


The following churches offer programs for children with special needs. Please contact them for more information.

• Trinity Presbyterian 907-345-4823
• St. John United Methodist at 907-344-3025




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