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Auxiliary Therapy Services

All For Kids is proud to serve clients with a variety of services and special skills. We believe in treating the child in all ways possible to provide the greatest chance of success for the children and families we serve. All of our therapists are trained in sensory integration and trauma-informed therapeutic care. Many of our therapists have sought out special skills to enhance typical clinical therapy services. 

Our therapists hold a variety of certifications, depending on their areas of interest and specialty. Some of these certifications include sensory integration (including certifications in Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests), PROMPT, The Alert Program (How Does Your Engine Run?), Beckman Oral Motor Training, DIR®/Floortime™, It Takes Two to Talk®, Myofascial Release, and Cranio-Sacral Therapy. Our therapists are constantly adding new techniques and certifications to better address your child's needs.

Pediatric Aquatic Therapy ServicesAQUATIC THERAPY SERVICES

Aquatic Therapy is therapy performed in a pool setting. The water in the pool helps children increase strength and promotes relaxation, which can improve their flexibility and tone, positively impacting functional outcomes.

Pediatric Group Therapy ServicesGROUP THERAPY SERVICES

Group therapy offers opportunities for kids to generalize the skills they have learned with their therapists individually in a peer setting.

Pediatric Interactive MetronomeINTERACTIVE METRONOME

Interactive Metronome (IM) is a brain-based rehabilitation assessment and training program developed to improve the processing abilities that affect attention, motor planning, and sequencing. This improves motor skills, mobility, and motor function, and cognitive capacities.

Pediatric Listening ProgramsINTEGRATED LISTENING SYSTEMS (iLs)

Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) uses music, multisensory input, and movement to improve brain and body organization. This system complements traditional therapy. 

• Focus System™️
• Safe & Sound Protocol™️
• The Dreampad™️

Pediatric Sensory Integration TherapySENSORY INTEGRATION THERAPY

Sensory Integration describes the ability to take in information through the senses of touch, movement, smell, taste, vision and hearing and use that information to interact appropriately with one's environment.

Pediatric Group Therapy ServicesTELETHERAPY SERVICES

All of our therapists offer teletherapy for appropriate clients and their families. Teletherapy may be offered on a regular basis or intermittently as needed.




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