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Physical Therapy Services

Our physical therapists work with families to address challenges and delays in the areas of gross motor development, motor planning, and developing typical movement patterns. This may include addressing broader areas, such as normal development and quality of movement, and more specific areas, such as muscle tone, strength, range of motion, coordination, balance, and sensory integration. We treat children from birth through adolescence with limitations related to injury, disease, or congenital conditions.

Here's an example of a child who would benefit from physical therapy services:

You notice that your son doesn't quite walk the way other kids do. He falls a lot, often at the most random of times. He cannot keep up with other kids his age, so he is often left behind and now has learned to play by himself. Catching and throwing are difficult for him, and adjectives such as "clumsy" often come to mind when you try to describe the way your child moves. On top of this, because of the number of falls your child has, he broke his leg 2 weeks ago and now wears a cast, further limiting his ability to play with his friends.

In this situation, physical therapists would analyze the way he walks and isolate those weaknesses that prevent him from having a normal gait. They would help him develop the balance reactions and coordination he requires to keep up with his peers. They would also help him gain back his flexibility and strength after his leg injury. Physical therapy would help your child be independent and successful in his physical endeavors.

Our physical therapists are committed to helping children reach their full developmental potential and build the confidence they need to be independent and improve their quality of life.

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