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Group Therapy Services

Group therapy offers opportunities for kids to generalize the skills they have learned with their therapists individually in a peer setting. Participation in all groups is by therapist invitation only so therapists can match children appropriately.

Recess Group

“Recess Group” is designed to provide pre-teens and teens the opportunity to work on skills needed for sports and team activities. Physical and Occupational therapists will provide interventions to develop coordination, endurance, and social skills while working collaboratively with peers. Recess group will take place in the clinic and outside environments as weather allows. A variety of team sports and team building activities will be done over the course of each session.

Tabletop Role Play Group

Tabletop Role-Play Group is a small group opportunity for adolescents and teens to engage in a structured and therapist-facilitated role-play game in which clients guide play with decision-making, shared planning and teamwork, flexibility, and imagination. This group is ideal for gamers who enjoy critical thinking, fantasy, and drama. Each week, game setup includes maps, props, and dice for clients to use when role-playing; sessions are different each week and continue along a linear in-game timeline.




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